Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grazing floral scented heifers

What have I been doing? Well I have been starting to research the history of the violets. I "know" the violets are "period". However I am trying to prove with documentation that violets were period.
So the Violets beginning:
The Greek word for violet is Io. Io is a character in Greek Mythology and the daughter of a King Argos. Zeus loved her, however Zeus was concerned that Hera would discover their illicit affair so he turned Io into a heifer and then created sweet-scented flowers that we now know as violets for her to eat while in her heifer form.
Well that is the mythological start of the violets. However I think Io had a legit complaint that her lover turned her into a heifer - really a heifer? What about a graceful swan or something less lumbering then a heifer. Any male reading this.....being turned into or referred to as a heifer not romantic, however handing your sweetheart a posy of violets now that is romantic.
We will save the romantic symbolism of violets for another post.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweet Beginnings!

Hi! I am Lady Máirghréad Ghearr and I have always been a baker, I love the Christmas holidays so I can bake ridiculous amounts of baked goods. I am an amateur cake decorator - I mean amateur :).
A little over a year ago (spring 2009) my household brother was being put on Vigil for elevation to Pelican. I started baking for those visiting, I made pelican chocolate lollipops, pelican cookies with painted icing, and I made a coconut nest to hold the pelican lollipops. I made these cute little bite size cakes with a chocolate ganache and they needed a little "something". I started shopping for sugar flowers the kind you can find on cakes nowadays. I ended up on an Internet search and discovered sugared violets, which I made and learned they were period!!! Excitement!
It started my desire to learn about period desserts, specifically I am interested in sugar subtleties.
I became apprenticed to Mistress Kis Marie aka Baroness Mika of Carillion, my home barony. I have great friends that help me dress appropriately and I keep them in sweet treats.
So I will blog about my trials, tribulations and success here. Sadly I may be sporadic I am starting my own business & graduate school.