Sunday, January 16, 2011


A quick follow up to my previous post. I need to work my calligraphy, I am out of practice. I also need to get a C5 & C6 nibs as they are what works best for me. I have a C4 but it's on the larger size, that I don't like. Until the ones I want come into the store (sold out) I am using a calligraphy pen, where as the pen is nice because you do not have to dip and it is easy for almost any user, it lacks crispness.

There is also something fundamentally zen about dipping the nib into an ink well and blotting. You can almost feel a connection through the years to a monk or nun that was also sitting and dipping their pens into their ink wells.

That is all I have on calligraphy for now :)

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